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Revised - October 28, 2013


The first meeting of what was to become the first Shrine Temple was held in New York on June 16, 1871, and after this meeting, the idea of organizing a "Shrine" was enthusiastically endorsed. The next meeting was not held until September 16, 1872, at which time Dr. Walter Fleming and ten others, being eleven of the original thirteen who met at the first meeting, met at Masonic Hall on East 23rd Street in New York and formally organized and formed a Temple which they named "Mecca Temple", and which became the first or Mother Temple of the Shrine.

Although Mecca Temple was the first Temple of the Order, Damascus Temple of Rochester, New York, the second Temple to receive a charter (June 7. 1876), performed the first Ceremonial.

Four years later, on June 6, 1876, the Imperial Council was organized. Dr. Walter M. Fleming not only became the first Potentate of Mecca Temple, but was also elected the first Imperial Potentate, then called the Grand Potentate, and served from June 6, 1876, to June 14, 1886.

At the twelfth annual Imperial Session in 1886, Noble Sam Briggs of Cleveland, Ohio, was elected Imperial Potentate for the ensuing three years (1886-1889), and at this Session the former designation of "Grand" was stricken out, and in lieu thereof, the word "Imperial" was substituted.

It is interesting to note that Kosair's first Potentate, William Ryan, was elected Imperial First Ceremonial Master. It is also worthy to mention that Kosair's charter was issued during the last term of office of Dr. Fleming. The first ritual was written by Dr. Fleming in P870; the first charter issued to Mecca Temple on September 26, 1872.

On November 3, 1884, Grand Potentate Fleming issued a dispensation to Charles H. Fisk of Covington, Kentucky, a member of Syrian Temple in Cincinnati, whose charter is dated February 8, 1877, to organize Kosair Temple. This was done on December 5, 1884, in Commandery Rooms of Masonic Temple in Louisville at 8:00 p.m. William Ryan was installed as the first Potentate of Kosair Temple.

On the following day, December 6, 1884, the first Kosair Shrine initiation was held, and twenty-five candidates were initiated. The officers of Syrian Temple were invited to confer the Order, which was done.

From that date Kosair has grown and prospered. What follows is a condensed history of interesting events in chronological order.

November 3, 1886 - Kosair gave its first entertainment and social function. Each member was assessed $4.00 to defray expenses.

January 24, 1887 - Kosair conferred its first Ceremonial on its own, and initiated twenty novices.

May 19, 1887 - Kosair held a Ceremonial at Danville, Kentucky, the first in the state outside Louisville.

June 4, 1888 - Kosair accepted Medinah's invitation to join them in a pilgrimage to the Imperial Council Session in Toronto. This is the first record of Kosair Representatives attending such a session.

April 26, 1889 - The first visit of an Imperial Potentate to Kosair.

June 2, 1890 - The idea of having an Arab Camp at the Sts. John Day League Picnic was approved - the first time Kosair assisted at the picnic.

March 13, 1893 - Kosair entertained Mecca Temple which was enroute to the Imperial Session in Mexico City. This is the first record of Kosair's entertaining another temple in such fashion.

October 12, 1895 - A committee was formed to call upon the Scottish Rite directors with regard to moving Kosair Temple to their headquarters.

March 9, 1896 - The Potentate appointed Nobles S. L. Martin, James P. Gregory and Hal T. Jefferson a committee to organize an Arab Patrol. This is the first reference made in Kosair Shrine records of the forming of a Patrol.

March 14, 1898 - New by-laws were adopted. The committee appointed on October 12, 1895, suggested the Temple rent the room formerly occupied by the Grand Consistory in the Masonic Temple Building for $200 per year. The report was accepted effective July 1, 1898.

May 12, 1899 - Membership first reported in the Temple minutes at 349 Nobles.

May 11, 1900 - The Temple voted to lease space in the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

September 12, 1902 - $2000 invested in bonds of the Fowler Utility Company. This is the first record of a Temple investment.

April 10, 1903 - The first mention of a Band in the minutes. A committee was appointed to purchase musical instruments.

September 15, 1905 - A committee reported it was not feasible or advisable to move or purchase larger quarters. Initiation fee was increased from $25 to $35 effective January 1, 1906.

December 4, 1906 - Membership reported as 1,297 Nobles.

January 11, 1907 - Noble John M. Scott offered a motion that the Representatives to the Imperial Council in Los Angeles be instructed to invite the Imperial Council Session to Louisville in 1909 as guests of Kosair Temple. Motion carried.

August 14, 1908 - Representatives reported that the Imperial Council 'Session would be held in Louisville with Kosair Temple as host, and that the Imperial Council had appropriated $10,000 to defray expenses.

October 9, 1908 - An assessment of $10 per member was levied to help pay expenses of the 1909 Imperial Council Session.

December 19, 1910 - A report was made of the Shrine Circus held in the Armory (later Convention Center, now Louisville Gardens). Net profit was $700.

July 11, 1913 - Initiation fee increased to $50.00; dues to $3.00.

April 13, 1917 - Resolution offered and unanimously adopted whereby Kosair Temple with its membership numbering 1,800 representative business and professional men, pledged unswerving loyalty together with our entire resources to our country.

July 13, 1917 - Potentate Womack appointed Noble F. W. Hardwick as a committee of one to represent Kosair to look after all Nobles located at the Cantonment in Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville.

November 12. 1920 - A building site committee made a report covering the location and prices on all pieces of property submitted to them. It was approved that the property on the West side of Third Avenue, South of St. Catherine Street be bought for $28,000.

December 30, 1921 - Membership: 4,543 Nobles.

August 11, 1922 - Noble Stephen S. Jones. High Priest and Prophet, on behalf of the Divan, offered a resolution empowering the Building Committee to proceed with the erection of a Mosque, the cost not to exceed $700,000. Resolution carried.

January 12, 1923 - Kosair's auditorium was rented for evangelistic services under the direction of Billy Sunday.

February 9, 1923 - Noble Paul Compton, Building Committee Chairman, reported on the plans and specifications for a Shrine Mosque; also reported $370,000 in second mortgage bonds sold. Property West side of Third Avenue, South of St. Catherine was sold to the Retired Rev. Denis O'Donaghue, Roman Catholic Bishop of Louisville, for $19,750 cash.

April 13, 1923 - Resolution adopted authorizing the building committee to receive subscriptions for second mortgage bonds not to exceed $750,000, and that the total cost of the building and property not exceed the sum of $1,750,000; the first mortgage not to exceed $1,000,000.

Noble Lawrence B. Craig, High Priest and Prophet and chairman of the Charities Committee, reported that "Tommy", who had been brought to Louisville by his father, was examined by Dr. W. Barnett Owen, then taken back home. He returned on April 9, 1923, in the company of his grandfather and was operated on by Dr. Owen in the hope he would regain the use of his right limb which had been affected by infantile paralysis at the age of seven months. The operation was an apparent success as Dr. Barnett was encouraged that Tommy might soon walk. The report was enthusiastically received by the Nobility.

This is the first record in Kosair's minutes regarding the rehabilitation of the crippled child. It marked the beginning of Kosair's work for crippled children which ultimately resulted in the building of Kosair crippled Children Hospital at 892 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky.

May 11, 1923 - The last meeting of Kosair Temple held in the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Future meetings were held in DeMolay Commandery Hall.

July 13, 1923 - High Priest and Prophet Lawrence B. Craig submitted a plan for raising funds for the Charity Committee, the principal feature being a punch board. This was the beginning of raising funds for acquiring property and building Kosair Crippled Children Hospital.

June 13, 1924 - An Executive Committee consisting of the officers and Past Potentates of Kosair was created. The first meeting was held at Fontaine Ferry Park.

November 26, 1925 - The first Ceremonial was held in the new Shrine Mosque at Floyd and Broadway.

October 3, 1928 - Special called meeting held whereby a plan was submitted to the second mortgage bond holders to purchase the first mortgage bond.

March 20, 1929 - A receiver appointed for Kosair Temple Association, Inc. (Technical owners of the Mosque).

June 1, 1929 - Kosair Temple moved into quarters furnished in the Henry Clay Hotel (now the YWCA at 3rd and Chestnut).

December 19, 1933 - Kosair voted to move to property owned by the Scottish Rite (actually, a house on what is now the Scottish Rite parking lot at Brook and Gray Streets).

August 23, 1940 - Past Potentate Hoblitzell, chairman of the Hospital Picnic Committee, reported net results of $12,500.

September 11, 1942 - P.P. Hoblitzell reported a net profit of $21,500 for the Picnic Committee.

April 21, 1943 - P. P. Charles Dungan reported a Circus profit of $5.415.

August 10, 1945 - A special called meeting of Kosair Temple was held on this date, the purpose of which was to approve the purchase of the property of the Musicians Club at 812 South Second Street. It was explained by the Potentate that the property would be paid for with cash from the Temple funds and no indebtedness of any nature would be incurred by the Temple. A motion to purchase the property was unanimously carried.

September 9, 1946 - The first meeting was held in new quarters at 812 -:011th Second, Louisville.

January 10, 1947 - Membership stood at 2,322.

1948 - Under Potentate W. C. Fisher, Sr. the Temple witnessed the visit of Imperial Potentate Galloway Calhoun. In the fall of the year Kosair's then senior Past Potentate John H. Cowles, was honored with a dinner. Brother Cowles, it will be recalled, served as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. III December at the Stated Meeting, Pee Wee King entertained the Nobility.

1949 - Potentate H. M. Hessler, Sr., instituted a musical festival entitled “Kosair on Parade” which was held May 3rd at the Memorial Auditorium. Representatives attend the Shrine Directors Convention in Denver and invited that organization to hold its convention in Louisville in 1950. Another highlight of the year was a minstrel held November 3, 4 and 5.

March 22, 1950 - Kosair Temple acted as host to the Shrine Directors Association whose convention was being held in Louisville. P. P. and Recorder George F. Sengel served as President of the S. D. A. Imperial Potentate Harold Lloyd made his official visit to Kosair. David F. Cocks was Potentate.

1951 - The Imperial Council Hospital Assessment was increased from two to five dollars per year. The Chanters and Oriental Bands men continued their annual trek to Les Carrithers' farm for the Christmas tree gathering ceremony which was followed by much merrymaking. The trees from the farm of Noble Carrithers were donated to Kosair Hospital and other charitable institutions. Potentate William J. Netherton ended his year with an increase of 284 Nobles, bringing Kosair's membership to 3,465.

1956 - Under Potentate O. F. Barnette, the Temple made a still remembered pilgrimage to the All State Ceremonial at Ashland. Improvements in the dining room were completed. Imperial Potentate Gerald Crary from Naja Temple, Deadwood, South Dakota, visited Kosair; and Quentin Scholtz was appointed director of the annual fund raising picnic for Kosair Hospital.

1957 - Potentate E. C. Pearson was the host Potentate to an All State Ceremonial which was held in Louisville on May 30th.

1958 - Potentate Frank Richterkessing undertook a monumental task of honoring the Past Potentates of Kosair at the Fall Ceremonial on November 21st. He assembled all of the pictures of the Past Potentates which now hang in the reception area of the Temple. The dinner and entertainment in the Flag Room of the Kentucky Hotel were unexcelled.

1960 - Under Potentate C. T. Mathes, the Southeastern Shrine Association once again visited Louisville. The occasion was enhanced by the fact that Past Potentate and Recorder George F. Sengel was elected President of the Association.

1961 - On June 2nd and 3rd, Kosair celebrated its 75th Anniversary under direction of Potentate John Carpenter. In addition to the four Kentucky Temples parading and participating, Syrian Temple (Kosair's Mother Temple) was also present in force. Many of the activities were held at the Fairgrounds. In August, the Temple attended the Southeastern Shrine Association Convention in Atlanta. Grand Master C. J. Hyde was honored at the Fall Ceremonial.

1962 - Forward-looking Potentate Clay Johnson saw the tremendous potential of the Shrine outside Louisville. He began his year by chartering the largest of Kosair's Shrine Clubs - Riasok at Elizabethtown. The Beautification League of Louisville made substantial improvements in planting shrubbery and bulbs at Kosair Hospital. Kosair was a large part of the pageantry of the first Masonic Fraternal Day held at Freedom Hall where all ancillary Masonic organizations paraded before the public.

1963 - Imperial Potentate George M. Klepper was honored at the Potentate's Ball of Kosair Potentate E. Skiles (Pete) Jones. It was a dinner-dance, the first in many-a-year for that activity. Kosair went big that year with a "Riverboat Shuffle" aboard the Belle of Louisville and oversold the event by almost 300 people. Remember standing at the rail because of no seats? The Temple dining room was redecorated, the Divan office built and several other areas of the Temple including the game room remodeled.

1964 - Under Potentate David R. Bass, Kosair had a very successful train pilgrimage to the Southeastern Convention in New Orleans. Kosair's long-time Recorder, George Sengel, suffered a stroke and was replaced by an interim recorder. Noble Luther Goheen was hired as Kosair's first Executive Director to assist in Hospital and Circus promotion.

1965 - The last of the great train pilgrimages was held by Kosair when Potentate J. Miles Pound and the Temple attended the Imperial Council Session in Washington, D. C. The Motor Corps, Funsters and Horse Patrol were begun. This was the beginning of the extensive expansion of Kosair's Uniformed Bodies and Shrine Clubs and hobby groups.

1966 - Under Potentate C. J. Hyde's direction, Kosair began the tradition of holding annual tours and cruises, the first going to Hawaii. Also, ladies of Nobles were invited to the Ceremonial dinners and assisted in "Fezzing" their husbands, a tradition that still exists amongst the Novices. The third floor of the Temple was remodeled by the Motor Corps. The parking lot size was doubled.

1967 - Potentate Hudson Rinehart breathed new life into the Potentate's Ball with a lavish Uniformed Body display amidst Oriental splendor at The Kentucky Fairgrounds. A directory and Uniformed Body history was published, and three new Units were established--the Flying Fezzes, the Sunshriners and Photographers. The Temple also participated in the inaugural parade for Governor (and Kosair Noble) Louie B. Nunn.
1968 - The year 1968, under Potentate George S. Miller, saw a visit at Derbytime by Kentucky native, Imperial Potentate Tom Seay of Medinah Temple, Chicago. Also, a most successful Southeastern Shrine Association Convention was held in Louisville with Kosair as host Temple on August 29, 30 and 31.

1969 - It was said that the Pied Piper was a Piker when compared to Potentate Bill Strasser who was most adept at activities such as "Little Shriners Night" when kids lined the Temple wall-to-wall. He duplicated the effort with a hot dog dinner and trip to the Louisville Colonels baseball game for the small fry. Kosair Karavanities, a variety show by and for Shriners and their families was another interesting new idea tried by Potentate Strasser.

1970 - Potentate Jim Booher continued the steady improvement in Potentate's Balls by bringing back the big band era with Tex Beneke. The Kosair Operating Fund Campaign passed the $250,000 mark for the first time. Kosair was quick to support new civic endeavors under Potentate Booher, i.e., Shrine Night at the new Kentucky Colonels Basketball games. Imperial Potentate Aubrey Graham, Khedive Temple, visited Kosair in September.

1971 - "More fun in '71" was Potentate Jack Proctor's slogan and he hasn't let up yet. One of the year's highlights was the first Pro-Celebrity Golf Tournament to benefit Kosair Hospital. The Shrine's influence in neighboring smaller cities such as Glasgow, Elizabethtown and Leitchfield began to be felt as our Uniformed Bodies traveled and paraded there. Contracts were let for major remodeling of Kosair Hospital.

1972 - The Potentate's Ball was held a little late this year -- in June, to be exact. Potentate W. C. Fisher, Jr.'s wife presented him with a new son early in the year, so the dancin' was delayed "Bud" set a modern record, initiating 420 Novices in '72. Past Potentate Proctor was appointed Executive Director of Kosair that year. The dining room at the Temple was redecorated.

1973 - Under Potentate Frank E. Davis the Temple was again host to the Southeastern Shrine Association Convention, held in Louisville August 16-18, 1973. The Temple also attended the Imperial Council Session in Atlanta, Georgia, where numerous Kosair Units did well in International competition. The Temple also attended the Great Lakes Association Convention in Cincinnati. The lighted, revolving fez, seen so often in parades, was built in 13 by the Directors Staff under Potentate Davis' direction.

1974 - A unique, Oriental-pageantry Potentate's Ball set the theme for “More in '74" under Potentate Arthur B. Wickham's guiding hand. The Derby Parade float, built by the Directors Staff, won the Mayor's Trophy. The Pro-Celebrity tournament was won by Charles Coody. Tours were planned to Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Hawaii. The goal was $325,000, which was surpassed, especially through the efforts of dedicated groups such as the Altrusa Club with their annual auction, and the Glasgow Shrine Club with their-annual tractor pull. A net gain for the year was 302 Nobles.

1975 - Potentate Jack Wilson instituted the Golden Camel award for outstanding service to Kosair. The first award was presented to dedicated Noble Brooks Reibert. The Hawaiian Luau was a different and highly successful entertainment event. A ladies Day was held at the Temple, and the first lift-off of a hot air balloon occurred from the lawn of Kosair Hospital. The Derby Parade Float won the President's Cup, and the Directors Staff built our "eight-humped camel". Kosair Kampers was organized, and in October a reorganized All State Ceremonial was held with Kosair as host and Wilson as president and Past Potentate Wickham as Treasurer of the Association.

1976 - The Bicentennial Year of our Country and Kosair Temple's nineteenth birthday saw the leadership of Potentate E. H. (Gene) Wells. Kosair's Uniformed Bodies and Clubs were extremely active, participating in perhaps a hundred community parades and Bicentennial events. The Temple's pilgrimages were to the Southeastern Shrine Association Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, and the All State Ceremonial in Owensboro, Kentucky. For the second year in a row, net Circus income exceeded $80,000. A committee was established to investigate purchasing a new site for Kosair Temple.

The Future - It has been extremely interesting, informative and educational writing this brief history of Kosair Shrine Temple. No doubt there are many mistakes, and, to say the least, a few oversights, and perhaps even an insult or two. For these, apologies, offered here, will hopefully be accepted.

Much credit should be given to Noble Brooks Reibert and Past Potentate Allen M. Reager (deceased) who were instrumental in gathering much of the older dates and history. Through this entire session of putting a few words on paper, though, the questions that recur most frequently are: Just what has made Kosair Temple so great? Why has it endured through good times and bad? Why is it still the fastest growing Masonic body? What has been the best thing the Temple has accomplished? What does the future hold? There is no easy answer.

The end of Kosair's ninetieth year is here. Kosair Temple is just a few years short of being half as old as our Country, and certainly Kosair's spirit has caused our great Republic to achieve some of its greatness just as our Country's Freedom has allowed Kosair and the Shrine to contribute to humanity.

As we sit in Annual Session in January, beginning Kosair's ninety-first year, listening to various reports all confirmed by audits and committees regarding the gain in membership; the number of unregenerate sons of the desert that have been gathered under the protecting dome of our Temple; the number of dollars we have accumulated in our investment accounts; let us ask ourselves, "What difference does it make?

Is Kosair Temple an organization which bases its prosperity on the number of new Nobles created - or, on the quality of new members? Does it really matter how many were initiated? Is Kosair Temple a bank? Does any Noble expect a financial dividend from his Temple? What do the dollars really amount to?

Let us ask ourselves if our Temple has brought more closely together the factions which may from time to time arise within its membership rank. Let us ask if it has persuaded to active work a greater number of its Nobles.

Let us ask if the Nobility has enjoyed the Ceremonials and laughingly, lovingly, joined to a greater extent into the delicious foolishness characteristic of the Order. Let us ask if through its charitable work, its public appearances, the decorum of its meetings and its parades the Temple's reputation has been raised or lowered.

Let us ask how many crippled and burned children our Temple has Oven the chance to regain health and strength that they may grow into useful citizens. Let us ask if we have sent coal to the widow, food to the hungry and help to the needy.

It is submitted that the answers to these latter questions will automatically answer the former questions about why we have endured and why we have been a great Temple. The soul of the Temple is the collective soul of its members.

Truly the Shrine need not count numbers or dollars added to our coffers, but must count deeds which add to human happiness. It is by these standards that we should measure, and for these deeds that we should put the stamp of approval upon all past administrations of Kosair Temple, always remembering that success begets success, and, if for no other reason than that, Kosair Temple and its Nobility can look forward to many years of redeeming "Happiness Dividends- - the greatest reward of all.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Wilson, PP 1975


1976 - The Bicentennial Year of our Country and Kosair Temple's ninetieth birthday saw the leadership of Potentate E. H. (Gene) Wells. Kosair's Uniformed Bodies and Clubs were extremely active, participating in many community parades and Bicentennial events. The Temple's pilgrimages were to the Southeastern Shrine Association Convention in Jacksonville. Florida, and the All State Ceremonial in Owensboro, Kentucky. For the second year in a row, net circus income exceeded $80,000. A committee was established to investigate purchasing a new site for Kosair Temple.

1977 - Potentate Verlon Gosser saw the Pro-Celebrity Golf Tournament pass the $50.000 mark in raising funds for Kosair Charities. Perhaps the presence of comedian Bob Hope had something to do with it. This year dues were increased to the level of $25.00. Kosair was selected to host the 1980 meeting of the Southeastern Shrine Association in Louisville. The Imperial Council approved plans for building new hospitals to replace the Chicago. Illinois and Portland, Oregon units. Options regarding the future of Kosair Crippled Children Hospital began to be studied.

1978 - Verlon Gosser served as Potentate for a second term because of a departure from the Divan and an unwillingness of Divan members to advance in office. The Temple approved the purchase of a 52-acre tract of land on River Road at Indian Hills Road for the possible location of a new Temple. The Shrine Directors Association of North America selected Louisville as the site of its 1982 meeting. A joint Kosair-Rizpah Ceremonial was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

1979 - Potentate Jim Russell saw Kosair's Pegasus Parade float capture the Grand Prize in the non-commercial division. In February a new chief executive officer, Ed Schottland, was employed by the Board of Kosair Charities Committee to run Kosair Crippled Children Hospital and to bring it into the mainstream of modern hospital operation. A new relationship was begun with owners of McDonald's with "McHappy Days" where certain profits were contributed to the hospital. The new Imperial Council Headquarters in Tampa, Florida opened in December.

1980 - The Forty-Sixth Annual Session of the Southeastern Shrine Association met in Louisville in 1980, the year of Potentate J. W. Compton. Thirty-eight Temples were represented. Imperial Potentate Hogan H' Doubler also visited Kosair. Kosair Crippled Children Hospital took on an international flair when it provided recuperative facilities for little Alicia Cruz, a Nicaraguan child who had undergone a highly experimental and pioneering orthopedic operation.

1981 - On four consecutive weekends, the Great Lakes Crescent Bowlers competed in Louisville early in Potentate Harlie Sadkr's year. The Kosair Hospital Campaign later set a record of raising $428.000. A certificate of need was granted which allowed Kosair Crippled Children Hospital and a local hospital to consolidate. Later, approval was received from Kentucky Health Systems Agency-West to allow a consolidated hospital to build a new facility.

1982 - Big Jay Thomson, Potentate for 1982, encouraged Kosair's Nobility to participate in the All-State Ceremonial and weekend in Lexington, Kentucky in conjunction with National Shrine Hospital Day. May 16. Kosair's Pegasus Parade float again won the Grand Prize. 1983 - Potentate Ray Werner hosted an All-State Ceremonial in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Nobles of Kosair participated in organizing and running a successful health screening pro-gram city-wide called "Health Focus". A family picnic was held on the River Road property purchased in 1978. Attempts to raise funds to build a new Mosque were somewhat successful. An offer to purchase the River Road property from Kosair was defeated at a Temple meeting. Louisville General Hospital was demolished to make room for the new hospital. However, the hospital was built in another location (.see 1984).

1984 - Louisville was again host to the Southeastern Shrine Association's annual meeting during Potentate Rich Raderer's term on August 23-25. A lease with NKC, who had been operating Kosair Crippled Children Hospital since the consolidation in 1981, expired and the property reverted to control by Kosair Charities Committee. This enabled the Charities Committee to begin planning Kosair Charities Centre. Ground was broken for the new hospital at Floyd and Chestnut on November 4.

1985 - During Jim Duncan's tenure as Potentate, new, revised bylaws for Kosair Temple were written and approved. Kosair Charities Centre opened with its first tenants. Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children opened the newest hospital in the Shrine chain of hospitals at Tampa, Florida in October. Kosair's Amateur Radio Club set up and organized a radio station at the local hospital, thus enabling the young patients to communicate with families and friends.

1986 - Potentate Bill Buckaway led the Temple into its Centennial Year. One highlight was the Centennial Celebration held on the grounds of Kosair Charities Centre, 982 Eastern Park-way. In a return to the atmosphere of the old "Kosair Picnics" of the 1940s and 1950s, the Charities Centre was dedicated and officially opened on June 14 in "Charter Day" ceremonies. Also, the Temple was launched into its second one hundred years of service to the community and fun and fellowship amongst the Nobility, On December 21, amidst much pageantry and splendor, and with many distinguished guests, including representatives from the Imperial Council and Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children. The local hospital was officially dedicated and opened. Thus commenced a new commitment from the Shriners of Kosair Temple to health care for children. Also, a new relationship between Kosair and the Imperial Council was begun as, during the year, Kosair's charitable endeavors through Kosair Charities Committee. Inc., were officially recognized by the Imperial Council of the Shrine of North America.

1987 - A resolution was passed in 1987 which Changed the time of stated and called meetings from 8:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in hopes of encouraging more attendance from elderly members and those who lived outside Jefferson County, KY. Potentate Rudy Pohl's year was the beneficiary of the Temple's leasing approximately one-half of the River Road property to a golf training facility. However, increasing expenses of the Temple created a need to pass a resolution, which increased dues to $37.50 and $50.00 annually for 1988 and 1989, respectively. The outside of the Temple was painted, the inside spruced-up, and new carpet laid in the dining room. The uniformed bodies attended the S.E.S.A. in Atlanta in August: a few attended the Kerbela FunFest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in May. Family theme nights, notably Mexican. After-Tax, and Bavarian, were held on Fridays. A picnic celebration was again held at Kosair Chari-ties Centre. Imperial Potentate Voris King attended an 'Ole Time Cookout' at the All-State Ceremonial in Louisville in July. Fifty-four Novices were created Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. The first pediatric kidney transplant was successfully performed at the local hospital.

1988 - The beginning of Potentate C. Brown Allen's year was launched by the annual Kosair Shrine Circus's move from downtown Louisville to Broadbent Arena at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds. There was also a celebration in Cincinnati in February for the 20th anniversary of the Shrine Burns Institutes. For the second time during his administration. Imperial Potentate Voris King visited Kosair Temple. He reported that he and others were instrumental in having an opportunity to spend time with President Ronald Reagan where the President became a Master Mason, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine all in the same day. The Kentucky State Legislature, partially through the efforts of Kosair's lobbying efforts, passed a charitable and fraternal gaming law which later made it possible for the Temple to derive the benefits of certain games of chance. The "Luxury Car Party" was re-instituted and raised a sizable sum for the new temple building fund. Computers brought the Recorder's Office into mainstream administrative business procedures. A significant event in 1988 was a resolution that was passed which changed the annual election of Temple officers from the annual meeting night in January to the stated meeting night in December of the year preceding the one in which the officers were to serve. Kosair Charities began an outreach program. One of its first recipients was young Kelly Arnold. A $25.000 grant was awarded for her specialized treatment at the University of Virginia Hospital. About 150 Nobles attended a day of celebration in her hometown of Campbellsburg, KY. The Temple attended the S.E.S.A. in Lexington. Ky. A new addition was added to the Lexington Unit of Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children. It virtually created an entirely new hospital. Cincinnati Burns Institute implemented a fixed-wing air transportation service for critically burned children. Kosair distributed $200,000 in special grants at a "Celebration for Youth'' which was held at Memorial Auditorium in Louisville.

1989 - Potentate E. G. Christian, M.D. improved Shrine Club business by opening the dining room for dinner and entertainment on Friday nights in addition to theme nights. Later in the year, a new club manager was employed. The successful Luxury Car Auction was continued, but a smaller car was given in addition to the luxury model in order to enhance profits for the new temple building fund. A fishing derby was held at Lake Cumberland in April and the traveling Nobility were able to take advantage of Temple-sponsored tours to such exotic places as Mexico and Alaska. Kosair Charities continued to expand their special grants program which this year exceeded $400,000. The program also expanded into areas that treated or involved the total family as well as the total child. Major bylaws changes were implemented. They brought Temple bylaws into compliance with imperial Council bylaws and rules. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in June for the building of an entirely new Shrine Burns Institute. Kosair Kolums, the Temple's monthly newsletter won the Imperial Potentate's very first "Dromedary Award" for being the best temple publication for temples in Kosair's six classification.

1990 - A lease with the golf academy on the Temple's River Road property was renegotiated with a favorable increase during Potentate A. J. Passafiume's year. This was the year that Bingo began for Kosair Temple. Several hundred thousands of dollars were to be added to Kosair's coffers over the next several years, thanks to the passage of the Kentucky charitable gaming law enactment in 1989. A new sound system was installed in the Temple ballroom. Kosair Kolums won its second first-place Dromedary Award for being the best Shrine publication in the Temple's size category. Over 1000 people attended the second "Celebration of Youth" which was held at Hardscuffle Farm in Oldham County. KY, in conjunction with the Louisville Orchestra and other civic-minded organizations, notably the local banks. One of the results of Kosair Charities' special needs program was a medical breakthrough. It involved the removal of a "port wine stain" birth defect or mark from the face of a four-year-old little girl. Again, Kosair’s bylaws were amended for technical reasons. The S.E.S.A. was held in Chattanooga. TN., the Imperial Council Session was in Chicago, Kosair Temple made a pilgrimage to Elizabethtown for a summer ceremonial at Riasok Shrine Club.

1991 - Improvements continued to be made to Kosair Temple and the Shrine Club under Potentate Gill Hardwick's leadership. A completely new look appeared in the lounge and dining room with changed wallpaper and new paint. Round tables were purchased for the ballroom; new bar stools and television were added to the bar and grill area; the upstairs ladies lounge received new carpeting, drapes and paint; a new stainless steel sandwich-salad-ice cream station, and a new freezer and dishwasher were purchased for the kitchen. A chair lift for the Temple was approved and purchased. It enables Temple visitors needing assistance to go from street level to the dining room and ballroom levels. $75,000 was transferred from the special fund-raising account to the general fund and earmarked for the capital improvements aforementioned. Five hundred dollars were appropriated to begin a planning process for the construction of a slimmer pavilion on the River Road property. The first family picnic was held there on July 14, 1991. Construction on sewer hook-ups on the property was authorized at a cost of approximately $40,000. The Chief Rabban was authorized to change the promoter for the 1992 Kosair Shrine Circus, and the George Carden Circus International was employed. A resolution was passed inviting the S. E.S.A. convention to Louisville in 1995. The Potentate's Lady held a successful "Mystery Trip" with unknown and surprise destinations. A well-received luncheon was held for widows of Nobles of Kosair Temple. Afternoon indoor Stag Outings were initiated and Fri-day Family Nights were continued and increased to one every month. Nobles were treated to a Mexican-Yucatan/Western Caribbean Cruise and a special Fall Foliage Cruise from Montreal, Canada to New York City. The Temple attended the S.E.S.A. in Tampa, Florida and returned home with many uniformed body trophies. The Kentucky All-State Ceremonial was held in Louisville in June. Deputy Imperial Potentate Jack Dean attended. Imperial Outer Guard candidates Kenneth Smith and Tad Claypool also attended. Kosair Kolums won its third consecutive first-place Dromedary Award for being the best Temple publication in Kosair's size class.

1992 - A very important milestone was reached in Potentate Willie Williamson's year. A contract for approximately $132,000 was signed for the building of a summer pavilion on the River Road property. It was completed in early fall and was hailed by the Nobility as s reward for their successful fund raising efforts for an eventual new temple on the property. On advice from the Finance Committee, the investment accounts of Kosair Temple were restructured in order to give the temple a better total re-turn. Dr. A. B. Wickham, PP., was installed as President of the Southeastern Shrine Association, an honor which comes to a Kosair Noble only once every thirty-two years because of the rotation system employed in the elections. The Temple attended the S.E.S.A. in Pensacola. Florida. Imperial Potentate Everett Evans visited Kosair Temple at the September stated meeting. His unusual style of travel was in "Shrine-One." a huge bus that toured the country touting Shrinedom and its philanthropy. Pat Day won the 118th Kentucky Derby aboard Lil E. Tee. He had visited the children at the local hospital the day before, and had promised them he would win for them. Pictures of Pat in the winner's circle showed him wearing his Kosair Children's "Just For Kids" cap. The chair-lift project was completed; the "nine-foot-tall Shriner made its first appearance during the Christmas season; a Hawaii cruise was sponsored in October; and Kosair Kolums won its fourth consecutive first-place Dromedary Award as the Shrine's best temple publication in Kosair's size classification. Larry D. Hamfeldt replaced Jack Proctor, PP, who retired as Executive Director of Kosair Chari-ties Committee. Inc.

1993 - Potentate Larry D. Hamfeldt got his year started with a bang with a public installation immediately following the annual meeting of Kosair Temple. Then came the famous "Jimmy Buffet Style" party in the ballroom. This set the tone for a year full of "Theme" nights, picnics at the pavilion, mystery tours and ice cream socials. Eight-thousand dollars was appropriated to purchase tables, chairs and kitchen equipment for the picnic pavilion, which was to see its first year of heavy use. Also authorized was an architectural firm's drawing of preliminary plans for a future new temple on the River Road site. Vidalia Onions were in vogue in the spring as a fund raising effort. The year saw Glasgow Shrine Club's donations through their fund raising efforts grow to a total of $212,000. Over $3.8 million in special grants were awarded by Kosair Charities. A celebration of 70 years of service was held at Kosair Charities Center in February; a new film describing Kosair Charities' community efforts was unveiled at "Charities Night- at the Temple in October. An allocation of $25,000 was made to renovate the Temple restrooms and hallway, and to make the restrooms handicap accessible. The Foster Brooks Pro-Celebrity Golf and Tennis Tournament celebrated its 241h year of giving to Kosair Charities and the Kosair Safari marked its 25th year. Kosair Kolums won its fifth consecutive time place Dromedary Award for being the best temple publication for Kosair's size classification.

1994 - The new year began with great expectations. Potentate Aubrey Combs expanded the public installation of officers by inviting Gene Bracewell. Past Imperial Potentate and Chairman of the Board of Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children, to be the installing officer. A nice crowd attended in spite of record snowfalls. The installation and reception were held at the Louisville Scottish Rite Temple. Kosair Charities announced the building of the 49.000 square foot Kosair Charities Pediatric Center in downtown Louisville. Located at Floyd and Chest-nut Streets, it will house the University of Louisville School of Medicine's Child Evaluation Center and faculty offices for the Department of Pediatrics upon its completion in 1995. Kosair Circus was again successful under the direction of George Carden Circus International. Imperial Potentate Tony Bukey visited a family night dinner on March 4 where he was greeted by Shriners and their families in a packed Temple ballroom. The Potentate's Ball was re-instituted, and was held in April. Family nights continued to be popular events. Not only were they held at the Temple, but as spring rolled around, they moved to the River Road Pavilion. Trips to London, England plus Italy, Switzerland and the Alps on the Orient Express and a Mexican Riviera Cruise were planned. The Kentucky All-State Ceremonial was held in Lexington in conjunction with National Shrine Hospital Day. The Temple attended the Southeastern Shrine Association Convention in Nashville and Divan members and Representatives attended the Imperial Council Session in Denver. The Foster Brooks Pro-Celebrity Golf & Tennis Tournament was again a successful endeavor for Kosair Charities, The Luxury Car Auction, for the benefit of the New Temple Building Fund, was held in September. Kosair Kolums won its sixth straight first-place "Dromedary Award' in competition with Shrine publications for Temples of Kosair's size.

1995 - Illustrious Potentate Gary Fields began his year by announcing that the "Temple Will Come Alive in '95!" The only bachelor Potentate in many years also proclaimed that it would be a "FUN YEAR" at Kosair Temple. Imperial Potentate Burton Ravellene visited Kosair's Oasis while officially being in Louisville for the Mid-Winter Southeastern Shrine Association Meeting (SESA). Later, in August, Imperial Sir Robert Bailey attended the SESA in Louisville from August 10-12 - one of the known times that Kosair had ever entertained two Imperial Potentates in the same year. Illustrious Sir Fields implemented a number of changes at Kosair: birthdays of Nobles were published in Kosair Kolums, the official magazine of the Temple; a lunch for widows of deceased Nobles was held: one Noble each month was designated as "Noble of the Month" and received a special parking spot. The Temple made official pilgrimages to the FunFest in Gatlinburg, sponsored by Kerbela Temple, and the Imperial Council Session in Indianapolis. The Temple hosted an AU-State Ceremonial in Louisville. November 10-11. A pilgrimage was made to Lebanon, KY for a ceremonial in September. In addressing the issue of declining membership, Potentate Fields also began a series of "cold sands ceremonials" whereby novices were inducted every suited meeting night, fore-going the customary second section. A $145,000 remodeling program was begun where many improvements to the Temple were accomplished: updated signage, paving of the parking lots, gutter replacement, kitchen repairs and remodeling of the second floor ladies' lounge. On the international level, Noble George Barnes of Kosair Temple was elected president of Hi-12 International.

1996 - Potentate Art Linde began his year by proclaiming at an open installation, "Together, We Can Make a Difference” a theme of uniting all Masons, Shriners and their families into a cohesive family that would become more involved in Kosair Temple activities. Kosair Circus produced the largest income ever, partly due to awarding the concession contract to a new vendor. The Imperial Council advocated the start of Shrine sponsored youth athletic programs. Thus, the Beechmont Soccer League was formed and sponsored by Kosair Temple. Unfortunately, in the early pan of the year, Kosair lost one of its esteemed Past Potentates - E. C. Pearson. Later, Past Potentate W. C. “Bud" Fisher, Jr. died suddenly, then later in the year Past Potentate Frank Richterkessing passed away. The Temple moved onward and upward in spite of the loss of three of its most revered leaders. In mid-Year Kosair Temple received an offer from David A. Jones, a local philanthropist, to purchase the Temple's fifty-five acre property located at River Road and Indian Hills Trail. The Temple had built a picnic pavilion on the site a few years earlier, but use was minimal. Initially, the land was to be used for building a new Temple but declining membership and increasing costs and regulations made that a near-term improbability. The Temple accented the offer of $1.5 million, almost a million dollars more than, land, what was invested in the property, and sold the tract of to Mr. Jones, who gave the property to the City of Louisville for use as a park. Proceeds from the sale were deposited in an investment fund. Kosair Shrine Club and Lounge had experienced financial difficulties for several years, so Potentate Linde closed the facility temporarily that everyone could regroup and start anew. The Club reopened on September 9th with new management, staff and menus. During the year, new carpeting, chairs and kitchen equipment were purchased for the Shrine Club. Mobile. Alabama was the location of the 1996 SESA, and the Imperial Council Session was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1997 - The 75th anniversary of Shriners Hospitals Hospital also ushered in Illustrious Sir Carroll Barrett as Potentate. Not only did Kosair Temple participate in International Shrine Hospital Day in Lexington, but there were also notable involvements with Kosair Charities by the Nobles of Kosair Temple. They included participation in Kentucky Derby Festival activities such as KyDzFest and the support of internationally renowned Equitana USA. Illustrious Sir Barrett was the only Potentate to ever receive a live piglet as a gift at his Potentate's Ball. This set the tone for fun times for all. Imperial Potentate John VerMaas visited Kosair Temple in April and addressed the Nobility and their families at a reception at the Temple. Theme nights were abundant during 1997; some sponsored by Kosair Charities, others by the Temple - a Roarin' 20s Party: a Hawaiian Luau: and a Deep Caribbean Party. The Temple made a pilgrimage to the Kerbela FunFest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Members of the Divan participated with RIASOK Shrine Club in accepting a check at a Brotherhood Banquet jointly from them and the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus for $7500 for Kosair Charities. The Imperial Council Session was held in St. Louis, Missouri, and an SESA pilgrimage was made to Savannah, Georgia.

1998 - Illustrious Potentate H. F. "Butch” Govoni had the honor of having Imperial Potentate Lew Brantley install the Temple officers on January 17, 1998, in the Louisville Scottish Rite auditorium. The Potentate had an upbeat motto that reflected the heritage of Kentucky - WIN, PLACE and SHOW - where "Kids are the Winners," "Kosair Temple is the Place," and "Shriners are the Show!" The year may best be remembered for the renewed vitality of “Theme Nights” They included such things as an Italian Night, a Fat Friday Party, Kosair Corral Night, By the River Night, a Watermelon Moon and Newgrass Night, a Chili Cookoff and finally a Thanksgiving Dinner Night. Additionally, there were monthly 'Steakouts" that were served by the Potentate's Staff. In all, it was a very social year that made good use of the remodeled lounge and side dining room at the Temple. Attendance at all events was outstanding. If not best remembered for the foregoing, the year will be in the hearts of many Nobles for the installation of an elevator that goes from the basement to the ballroom levels, thus making the entire Temple more accessible to the handicapped. Shrine Clubs again came through for Kosair Charities with significant gifts, especially those from RIASOK ($8500) and Glasgow ($22.500). Potentate Govoni, along with fellow Legion of Honor members, represented Kosair Temple at a wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery at the Tomb of the Unknowns. There were two ceremonials in 1998, one was held at the Temple rather than using multiple venues. Kosair Temple was recognized by the Imperial Potentate as being one of only three of 198 Temples doing what must be done if Shrinedom is to reverse a down-ward trend in membership. Management of the Shrine Club was restructured in an attempt to cut costs and increase business in hopes of long-sought profitability. The Recorder's office was completely remodeled, a new computer system was purchased, a pension plan was inaugurated for Temple employees, and major renovations were made to the side dining room.

1999 - Illustrious Potentate Leonard Sewell assumed the leadership of Kosair Temple in 1999. January 10th, just two days after the installation of officers, the Potentate hosted an open house that was more like a musical revue with singing, dancing and skits of all kinds. It was a lavish and enjoyable event. The final Kosair Charities grant numbers were in for 1998 and 1999. $5.73 million was allocated for 31 healthcare agencies, and a one-time grant of $6.2 million was awarded the Home of the Innocents for construction of its new childcare campus on East Market Street. Emphasis was placed on membership and how many other Temples had adopted solid membership programs. Kosair followed suit by hosting a program where a Master Mason could become a member of the Scottish Rite and the Shrine all in one day. Masons could receive the required degrees in the morning and afternoon, then attend a Shrine Ceremonial in the early evening. A colorful brochure was mailed to Masons throughout central Kentucky: many visits to Blue Lodges were made, and the results of the unique program were outstanding, as 313 Masons became Shriners in only one day, thus stemming the tide of membership losses that many Temples were experiencing. New membership added up to 361 Nobles being elected Shriners in 1999. Kosair's percentage of new members was the highest in the country at over 6%. Several ranking Grand Lodge of Kentucky officers became Shriners on that day, notably the Deputy Grand Master, the Grand Senior Warden and the Grand Junior Warden, thus better cementing relations between the Shrine and its prerequisite organizations. Deputy Imperial Potentate Ralph Semb visited Kosair Temple prior to the annual Imperial Council Session. There was no question that he liked Kosair's enthusiasm, spirit and results. A statue of "Editorial Without Words” was donated and placed on Chestnut Street at Floyd Street in front of the local hospital. The statue depicts a Shriner holding a child with crutches in its hands. A Temple trip was taken to the Southern Caribbean; Nobles went on a fishing trip to Panama City. Florida: the Temple's Pegasus Parade float won the Governor's Trophy: and many Shriners and families enjoyed a trip on the Belle of Louisville. And the Potentate's Ball was a fun Bourbon Street Mardi Gras party enjoyed by all.

2000 - There was what one might call a "Blackout in 2000”, the Millennium Year (or Y2K when everyone thought all computer systems worldwide would collapse), as Illustrious Sir Eddie Black assumed the reins of authority at Kosair Temple. There were a lot of "Black" programs, such as a once-a-month "Chat with Black" session where any Noble could find Potentate Eddie at the Temple addressing one's concerns, both good and bad, and discussing things openly over coffee and doughnuts; a "Black" party where cowboys and cowgirls, et al, would force attendees into a western shotgun wedding, or to spend some time in the pokey. "Judge" Eddie Black was willing to sentence them all to jail for only minor infractions of the law. Of course, getting out was easy, and benefited Kosair Charities as well. "Theme Nights" on Fridays were a big hit, and well attended throughout the year. It was also a milestone year for Kosair Circus as it attained 75 yews of consecutive performances. Following the success of the previous year's one-day Scottish Rite initiation and Shrine Ceremonial. Potentate Black held a joint initiation with the York Rite bodies. There were 146 candidates for the York Rite, and 120 Novices for Kosair Temple. Among the notables in the class was Lt. Gov. of Kentucky Steve Henry. He and his wife, former Miss America Heather French, attended the Ceremonial Banquet Kosair purchased the unoccupied lot directly across the street from the Temple for un-specified future use. A new floor was installed in the ballroom, lighting was upgraded, room dividers and a new floor were in-stalled in the dining room and lounge. Nobles and families enjoyed a Western Caribbean cruise, and the Kerbela FunFest in the Smoky Mountains. Kosair Charities was instrumental in get-ting over 400 "Kosair Kids" into Valhalla Golf Club for the PGA Championship. What a thrill for underprivileged children! Un-fortunately, Past Potentate E. C. Christian passed away during the year. And, finally, nobody had to worry about computers collapsing: they did just fine throughout the "Blackout."

2001 -The first year of the new millennium at least some people called it that, while others think it all started in 2000) ushered in Roger P. Smith as Kosair's Potentate. Treasurer Frank Steller did not seek reelection after serving for fourteen years. The Temple voted him Treasurer Emeritus for his dedication and service. Gary Goff succeeded him. It was pointed out at the annual meeting that Kosair's revolving Fez parade vehicle, built in 1973, had traveled 78.302 miles spreading the word about Shrinedom, thanks to Vene Weissert and his father before him. Movies came to the "big screen" at Kosair - a great idea that didn't last long because of the competition from stadium seating in the suburbs. The first movie was "Jurassic Park." Property behind Kosair Temple, fronting on Third Street, was purchased for additional parking and expansion. On it was a small building that can be used for storage. One-hundred-and-one-year-old Clifton Demaree was treated to an elephant ride at Kosair Circus in February - something he had yearned to do all of his life. The Louisville Motet Singers and the Murat Temple Chanters performed at family nights. A one-day Scottish Rite Reunion and Shrine Ceremonial were held on June 9th where a Mason could become both a 32° Scottish Rite Mason and a Shriner all in one day. Nine sons of Shriners were in the class. Buzz Aldrin (the second man on the moon), a 33' Mason and Shriner was in Louisville for the Derby Festival Parade and schmoozed with some of the Kosair participants. Shriners' ladies enjoyed a full day trip to Brown County, Indiana in the fall. Oriental Night and Caribbean Night were big hits at the family dinners. Sumo wrestling and limbo dancing were well received. The club kitchen was almost totally remodeled, including all new steel appliances. Kosair Charities committed $2.5 million toward the building of the Kosair Charities Pediatric Pavilion at the Frazier Rehab Institute. Glasgow and Riasok Shrine Clubs came through again with outstanding fundraising contributions respectively $25.000 and $10.000. A canopy over the doorway and north parking lot was completed to allow entrance to the Temple in inclement weather.

2002 - One of the first family activities in this year was the Yoshi (Young Shriners) sponsorship of a Daytona 500 Party. Speeding in with the crowd was Potentate Gordon Berry, who set a hectic pace that was difficult to challenge with so many weekly activities at Kosair Temple. Past Potentate C. Brown Allen was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lexington Unit of Shriners Hospitals for Children. This was the first time in history that the office was held by a Kosair Noble. Still hanging under the cloud of the 911 attack, Temple travel was somewhat restricted to safer, less expensive trips. So a bus trip to Biloxi and the Gulf Coast was held, then followed by another trip to Branson, MO. The theme for the year was "Recruitment - Restoration - Retention." Part of this was accomplished by a Shrine/York Rite Festival/Ceremonial. Master Masons were also welcome for the first time to join just the Shrine if they chose to do so. A Mother’s Day Brunch, and later a Father’s Day Brunch, were held on a Sunday. A family picnic was held, the first in a long time. The float builders of the Temple were rewarded again with the top prize in their category of self-built floats that entered the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade. "Kosair Kolums" won first place in its category in the Imperial Council Dromedary Award - for the eighth time. Many of Kosair's uniformed bodies participated in the Memorial Day Massing of the Colors on the Riverfront Belvedere. Continuing the legacy of helping children in need, Kosair Charities awarded more than $6 million in grants to two dozen agencies that pro-vide vital care for children in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Since the 1980s, Kosair Charities has contributed more than $80 million to help children in the area enjoy a brighter future. In November, Kosair Charities was named Philanthropist of the Year. The event was National Philanthropy Day, a special day set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy, and those people active in the philanthropic community, had made to the community, and the effect it had on the fabric of society.

2003 - One of the nicest things that could happen to a Potentate is to be installed into office while his father and son both watch from the sidelines. That's exactly what happened to Potentate Alton H. Roberts, Jr. as three generations of family were there for the event - all were Shriners. Wild and wacky, hut lots of fun, were the family and theme nights. These included a Country Wedding and a Fruit Scooting Derby, and other activities to promote fun and fellowship amongst the Nobility. The commitment of over $6,000.000 for the Home of the Innocents by Kosair Charities came to life with the opening of the new campus for children. Work commenced on the over $2,500,000 commitment to Frazier Rehab Institute for Children, which was also funded by Kosair Charities. Needless to say, Kosair Shriners could take pride in the expanded services that help children in the Kentuckiana area. Kosair Temple's leadership strived to improve communications with our business partners, Jewish Frazier Rehab Institute and Home of the Innocents. Kosair has ahead of it a great future while continuing to help children who are unable to help themselves. We must never lose focus of why we are Shriners! All of us together do make a difference. Good men with diversified backgrounds can accomplish any task.

2004 - Eddie Chrisman, Potentate
2005 - Ken Reiss, Potentate
2006 - Joe Myers, Potentate
2007 - Bob Frye, Potentate
2008 - Jim Fisher Sr., Potentate

2009 - Walter Randolph “Randy” Coe, Potentate
Throughout the 2009 year your Officers, Units, Clubs and Committees have attempted to give you suitable activities and entertainment which could be enjoyed by the majority of the Nobility. Our Temple has benefitted and enjoyed:

1. Entertainment theme nights.
2. Friday night dinners with professional entertainment.
3. More than thirty-five community parades including the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade.
4. The 2009 Elective Divan is installed by Ill. Sirs Roger Smith, PP and Lenny Sewell, PP with special entertainment by our Funsters Unit and Oriental Band. Noble Cecil Hardin is a particularly entertaining attraction as part of the band.
5. Kosair Greeters – “Mason-Knight Dance” with the Knights of Columbus.
6. Kosair Super Bowl party.
7. Kosair Shrine Circus lead by Nobles Ted Burgin and JR Riggs is very successful.
8. Kosair Valentine dance.
9. Kosair Ceremonial Director’s Staff participates in the Shrine Directors Association annual convention.
10. Riasok Shrine Club – Knights of Columbus “Brotherhood Dance.”
11. Kosair Oriental Band Mardi Gras dance.
12. Kosair Shrine Legion of Honor Unit hosts the International Legions of Honor convention.
13. Kosair Cajun Night party.
14. ARCH Presentation Ceremony lead by Chief Rabban Kirk Carter.
15. Kosair Shriners exhibit at the Mid-America Truck Show for the Shriners Hospitals for Children and Kosair Charities.
16. YoShi Beach Party.
17. SESA Past Masters Mid-Winter Meeting is hosted by the Kosair Past Masters Unit.
18. Kosair Derby Party.
19. Ladies Oriental Club pajama party.
20. SESG & HA Mid-Winter Meeting hosted by the Kosair Greeters Unit.
21. “Kosair in the Smokies” trip and Dolly Parade.
22. Noble Patrick Miller and his Lady Janice raise thousands of dollars for Kosair Charities and the Louisville Scottish Rite Foundation with a fine magic show.
23. "Hospital Day" at the Shriners Hospital for Children, Lexington Unit. Nobles H.I. Stroth and Chief Rabban Kirk Carter serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman.
24. Kosair Top Hat Gun Club is chartered.
25. Imperial Convention in San Antonio, TX with Kosair Shrine Temple in the parade.
26. Kosair Boat Club “Christmas in July” for children.
27. The Sam Swope Road Rally benefiting Kosair Charities is very successful.
28. York Rite – Kosair Shrine Temple Unity Class lead by Noble J. B. Hitt Jr. brings sixty-nine new Nobles as members.
29. Two “All Masons” Golf Outings.
30. Kosair “Marqaritaville" party.
31. Belle of Louisville cruise with members of the Kosair Funsters entertaining hundreds of Kosair Kids.
32. Kosair Shrine Temple formal ball with dignitaries including: Noble Herman Forrester, Jr., MWGM of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky; Noble John Moyers, SGIG of the Scottish Rite of Kentucky; Noble Hugh Harlan, Jr., MWGM of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky (Prince Hall); Officers and Nobles of Damascus Shrine Temple, P.H.A. and Tyre Shrine Temple, P.H.A.. Illustrious Sir Aubrey Combs, P.P., is marvelous as the Master of Ceremonies.
33. Ceremonial in Lebanon, Kentucky lead by Aubrey Combs PP, Generalissimo Buddy Houghton, Mike Rice, Bill Ryan and Bill Hart of the Mark Twain Shrine Club.
34. Kosair Oriental Band Halloween costume party is lots of fun and features a Hillbilly Degree Ceremony by the Hillbilly Clan #3 of Louisville.
35. Noble Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Viglione, USN returns from his third deployment to Iraq in the war on terrorism and presents a USA flag, a Masonic apron and the gratitude of his fellow Americans serving in the military. The flag flew in Iraq on September 11, 2009. The apron was worn during Lodge meetings.
36. Our Kosair Shrine website is again honored by the Imperial Shrine as the best of all of the 193 Shrine Temples. Noble Darrell Waddell is our Webmaster.
37. Kosair Shrine Temple 1932 Roadster party benefiting Kosair Charities and organ donations is lead by Noble Bob Beatty. It is a tremendous success.
38. Our Fall Ceremonial brings our total of new members to ninety-three for 2009.
39. Our Kosair Charities celebrates giving $16,000,000 and helping more than 140,000 children this year. The Board of Directors and staff of our Kosair Charities continue to serve honorably and well. Noble Jerry Ward is Chairman.
40. Kosair Funsters holiday party for children is held at Kosair Temple for more than one hundred children of Shrine families.
41. Kosair Greeters and other Units and Club hold the annual Kosair Charities holiday party for children. It brings joy to more than six hundred special needs children attending the party at the fabulous Crowne Plaza Hotel.
42. Noble Walt Oster continues the tradition of Noble Bill Lewellen by visiting hundreds of Master Masons and Nobles who are in nursing homes, hospitals and ill.
43. Kosair New Year’s Eve party brings joy and good times.
44. Kosair Appreciation party celebrating the achievements of 2009.
45. Four new staff members satisfactorily hired and in place at Kosair Shrine Temple. Our Temple is in fine financial condition. The Finance Committee is especially thanked for their continued efforts.
46. One new Perpetual Life Member was created: Walter Slater Coe, II. As his father, I am proud my son has joined me and others as a Perpetual Life Member of Kosair.
47. Installation of the New Elective Divan is held on January 8, 2010. The retiring Potentate nominates Noble H. I. Stroth to serve on the Board of Directors of our Kosair Charities Committee, Inc. Noble Stroth is elected by the Nobility.
My desire from the beginning has been to be a constructive force and positive influence for the benefit of Shrine values and principles. With that thought in mind I have endeavored to fulfill that mission. Lady Christe and I thank each of you and wish for my successor and his Lady the most successful year in the history of our Temple.

Walter Randolph “Randy” Coe - 2009 Illustrious Potentate

2010 - Kirk E. Carter, Potentate
Greetings to the Elective Divan, Past Potentates, and the Nobles of Kosair Shrine.
As we meet this night at our one hundred and twenty-third Annual Session of Kosair Shrine I am filled with humility and respect for those that have brought Kosair to the great organization that it is. As I stated in my last message I am very grateful for you allowing me to serve as your Potentate for 2010. I hope I have served as your representative in the manner in which you expected. I have tried to live up to my responsibilities and duties with the integrity and honor that is expected of someone elected to such a distinguished leadership role.

Most notably I wanted to instill a sense of the Masonic tenants. So, we began the year with my lodge, Swigert-Middletown #218, opening Lodge in the Temple to start the year with a re-obligation of the three degrees. Those obligations guide us with how to conduct ourselves; how to treat others, especially brother Masons; to extend and further define our honor and integrity. It also teaches us courtesy and charity to those within and outside our families. We handed out tokens and there are still quite a few Nobles that carry them daily. All of this brought about this year's motto; Freemasonry First, Remembering Our Obligations.

Lady Patricia and I are so thankful to the Nobles and Ladies of Kosair for allowing us to serve you these past five years. The help and support we have received from so many was very encouraging. The year has been a very satisfying one for both Patricia and me. We tried to offer a lot of different activities to appeal to the broad spectrum of Nobles and their Ladies. Those that participated indicated they had a great time. We have much for which to be thankful. The great friends we have made throughout Kosair and Shrinedom, the places we have been and the things we have done, those that we have helped and those that have helped us.

The Elective Divan worked hard to ensure Kosair prospered and the Nobles of Kosair had their needs addressed, that there were plenty of events for their pleasure and entertainment. To make this possible there was a lot of work and planning by the Entertainment Committee, Membership Committee, Finance Committee, Executive Committee and the Clubs and Units of Kosair. There was peace and harmony within the Temple as all worked toward a common goal.

Allow me to review the major events of the year:
1. Installation of 2010 officers
2. Masonic Lodge opening and re-obligation of the three degrees of Masonry.
3. Entertainment theme nights
4. Friday night dinners with professional entertainment.
5. Numerous Unit and Club dances, picnics, and outings
6. Kosair Greeters - "Mason-Knight Dance" with the Knights of Columbus.
7. More than thirty-five community parades including the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade. As well as, parades at the Imperial Session in Toronto, Canada; SESA in Greenville, SC; and SASA in Myrtle Beach, S.C..; Funfest Parade and Dolly Parton Parade in Pigeon Forge, TN.
8. A very successful Circus
9. Director's Staff participation in the Shrine Directors Association annual convention
10. Temple trip to Branson, MO.
11. Oriental Band Mardi Gras Dance
12. Riasok Shrine Club-Knights of Columbus "Brotherhood" dance.
13. Masonic Fair and Arch Presentation
14. Kosair Derby Party
15. Funfest in Pigeon Forge
16. Potentates Ball
17. Shrine/Scottish Rite Unity Ceremonial
18. Imperial Session Toronto, Canada
19. Kosair Boat Club Christmas in July
20. Sam Swope Road Rally
21. Temple trip to Nashville, TN
22. SESA Greenville, SC
23. Kosair Charities "Dreams Take Flight" $20,000,000 Grants night
24. SASA Myrtle Beach, SC
25. Spring and Fall All Mason Golf Outings
26. Lebanon Ceremonial
27. Temple Caribbean Cruise
28. Oriental Band Halloween Party
29. Hillbilly Night
30. Flu shot night
31. Kosair Shrine "Celebration of Life" Roadster Raffle benefiting Kosair Charities and organ transplants
32. Fall Ceremonial
32. Director's Staff Shockers Ball
33. Children's Christmas Party
34. Election of 2011 officers
35. New Years Eve party
36. Installation of new officers January 14, 2011

We began the year with 2,597 members. We had a total gain for 2010 of 88, but a decrease in membership of 150. This included 8 demits, 58 suspensions, and 84 deceased. The net loss for the year was 62.

I would like to conclude with some recommendations that I believe will provide the Temple a better future. First I would like to recommend a dues increase. There hasn't been an increase since the mid-80's. Costs continue to rise and our membership continues to decline reducing the Temples income. To better enable Kosair to meets its financial obligations we should increase dues and promote increased participation in fundraising events.

Secondly, I recommend due diligence be done to investigate the way we currently design our budget. Typically Kosair bases its budget on projected income, along with projected expenses. If the income that is projected does not come to fruition it leaves a deficit by the end of the year. Most Shrines do an actual income and projected expenses. In other words the Chief Rabban is the primary fundraiser for the following year as Potentate. In this scenario the Potentate knows exactly how much there is to spend during that year. To get to this mode, the Shrine must fund the Potentate for one year. This way of doing business appears to be most prudent but needs due diligence and analysis of the financial impact before implementation.

Thirdly, we wish the next Divan even greater successes. I challenge all the Nobles of Kosair to strive each and every year to make Kosair better than the year before. To continue to bring in new Nobles that can share in this wonderful Fraternity.

Potentate's recommendation for Kosair Charities Board - Jerry Ward

Kirk E. Carter - 2010 Illustrious Potentate

2011 - David L. Owen, Potentate
2012 - David L. Juergens, Potentate
2013 – Robert E. “Bob” Maxwell, Potentate

(To Be Continued)

Complied by:
Illustrious Sir Jack Wilson, PP
Lady Betty Lay - Kosair Shrine Office Manager
Illustrious Sir, Walter Randolph “Randy” Coe, PP
Illustrious Sir Kirk E. Carter, PP
Noble Darrell Gordon Waddell - Webmaster


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