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The Kosair 32 Club

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The 32 Club meets on the second and forth Tuesdays of each mouth at Kosair Shrine at 12:00 noon.

In 1963, several men, primarily in the transportation field, lunched regularly at Kosair Shrine. They were informed of a worthy Blue Lodge Brother who desired to become a Scottish Rite Mason but could not afford it. They thought it would be a good Masonic gesture if they could pay the fee and his first year's dues.

They contacted thirty-two masons who each agreed to pay $5.00. Thus, the brother became a Scottish Rite Mason.

In 1964, the same thirty-two Masons decided to help other worthy masons go through the rite of their choice, either Scottish or York. Thus, the 32 Club was organized.

The deserving Brothers were expected within a reasonable length of time, and at their own expense, to become members of Kosair Shrine. On October 27, 1969, a constitution and by-laws was presented to Kosair Shrine for their approval to make the 32 Club a hobby club of Kosair Shrine. Approval was granted, thus the beginning of the Kosair 32 Club.

Sponsoring the advancement of Brothers in Masonry is still the only purpose of the 32 Club.

Any Shriner can become a member by paying the annual $5.00 dues and having a desire to help worthy brothers advance themselves in Masonry. The 32 Club has annually enrolled over 150 members.

On Wednesday, October 27, 1999, Kosair 32 Club celebrated it's 30th Anniversary with a dinner meeting for all members, ladies and guests. At the close of the meeting there was a presentation of commemorative coins to all 32 Club members and Masonic Brethren present.

The 32 Club is believed to be the only one of it's kind in any Shrine in the country - actually a philanthropy within a philanthropy, helping Masonic Lodges, both Rites and Kosair Shrine.

The 32 Club is always looking for a few good men! For more information, ask any 32 Club member or the Kosair Shriners office.