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Our Parade Schedule

If any Unit or Club wishes to participate in any of the parades listed below, you need to contact our Parade Marshal, Noble Ed Embry, at 502-435-3505 or email him at: edembry@windstream.net so that the proper insurance forms can be sent along with the entry forms at least 15 days before the event.

NOTE: Information will be updated as it becomes available. Nobles are expected to always wear their Fez and other appropriate Unit / Club attire during the parades when they represent the Kosair Shriners.

Nobles and Ladies

Our next parade will be for the Pegasus Parade. I need to know who is planning to drive and what you will be driving in the Pegasus Parade. This year the Pegasus Parade will be on Sunday May 1 stepping off at 3:00 pm. I do not have the lineup information yet.

Nobles, the events for later in the year are starting to take applications. I need to plan out where we will be traveling.

If there is a festival or celebration that you or your group would like to investigate, let me know.
Events like Peking Indiana Fourth of July, Harvest Homecoming in New Albany, Elizabethtown Heartland Festival as well as Glendale Days can be added to our list.  It all comes down to how far do you wish to travel.

I look forward to your feed back, please.  

Some of these are tentative, but here is a look at what might be available.
On some of them I do not have dates yet.

Noble Ed Embry - 502-435-3505