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The Kosair Ritual Cast Unit

Ritual Cast Unit.png

The ritual cast of Kosair put on the First and Third section of the initiation ceremony when a novice joins the Shrine. The First section portrays the founding of Kosair. The third section is the ritualistic installation of the candidate into Shrinedom. These sections are portrayed in full costume and with all significant props.

Membership in the Ritual Cast is open to all Nobles and dues are only $15 per year. No acting experience is required, just a willingness to learn and have some fun. We are looking for Nobles willing to participate on the stage crew, with costuming and to learn speaking and non-speaking parts. We also assist members in becoming ritualist in their Blue Lodges, Scottish Rite, and York Rites. We basically meet and participate at all Ceremonial Days.


For more information, please contact Bill Ryan 502-836-1123.