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The Kosair Transportation Unit

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The Kosair Transportation Unit meets on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 10:30 a.m.

Their days often begin before the sun comes up. They sometimes don't return to their homes until long after supper is over. They are the members of the Kosair Shrine Transportation Unit, making sure Kosair Kids from all across Kentucky get to their medical appointments.

The Transportation Unit has a direct and meaningful relationship with our "Kosair Kids". The purpose of the unit is twofold. First, we provide drivers for the Kosair Charities van while on scheduled trips to and from our free Shrine Hospitals and other medical facilities for required appointments. Secondly, we supervise and provide patients, parents and/or guardian with adequate food, housing, and Shriners' love and compassion to insure a safe, pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Traveling in pairs, Transportation Unit volunteers drive Kosair Charities' full-size vans that are large enough for a child and a parent, guardian or other family members. One of the vans includes a wheelchair lift. The trips begin at the Kosair Charities garage, with Unit volunteer drivers leaving early enough to pick up the passengers and drive to the medical facility in time for the child's appointment.

Most trips are scheduled in advance. Common destinations are the Shrine Hospital in Lexington and in Cincinnati. Many trips are for tests or care following an operation. Some of the trips are more critical in nature. All the people we transport are medically fragile children and, often because of the circumstances, their emotionally fragile parents and guardians.

Trips completed in one day often include providing the patients and their parents with meals and companionship during long waits at hospitals and clinics. If the trip requires an overnight stay, the Unit makes sure passengers arrive safely to lodging.

Most of the Transportation Unit's members are retired from busy careers, but they are driven to help children who need it. In an average month, more than a dozen Unit members make eight roundtrips, traveling a combined 2,800+ miles.

The Transportation Unit is the essence of what being a Shriner is all about. Truly, the Nobles of the Transportation Unit "Walk the Shrine Talk" for Kosair Shrine.

For more information please contact Steven Ward at (502)-235-7942 or email: swray31560@yahoo.com.